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Coca-Cola gives away thousands of dollars in high-tech gadgets

(COCA-COLA BEVERAGE CO. (MICRONESIA), INC. January 9, 2013)—(CHALAN LAULAU, Saipan) Coca-Cola spreads happiness beyond the holidays to the "Tech the Halls with Loads of Gadgets" promotion winners who brought home high-tech electronic devices worth thousands of dollars.

The grand prize winner, Joseph Garcia, sales manager, Pacific Buy & Sell, has collected so many entry forms with his almost daily purchase of Coca-Cola, but he almost did not get to join the promo at all.

The Gualo Rai resident considers himself a Coca-Cola fanatic. "I buy 12 packs almost every day. Although I go to different stores, I always go for the same brand, Coca-Cola," Garcia said.

MAJOR PRIZE WINNERS. Gerry Hemley, sales supervisor, Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Micronesia), Inc. presented the prizes to the winners of gift certificates to Saipan World Resort, Hollywood Theaters gift cards, and Mobil Smiles Letters.

Garcia collected multiple entry forms, but he held onto them. When he tried to submit his entries, he was told that the entry box had already been collected.

On his next purchase, he received one entry form and that was his only entry that made it to the lottery.The one entry won for Garcia a netizen worthy package: a tablet computer, a handheld game system, an e-reader, $500 in shopping certificates, and -- from Docomo Pacific -- a Samsung Infuse android phone with a SIM Kit plus a $50 load.

Garcia, a techie, plans on keeping the e-reader for himself and sending the rest of his prizes to his family in the Philippines. "I will send the handheld game system to my daughter and the other electronics will go to my wife," Garcia said.

Baby grand prize winner Hai Quan Li has yet to claim the prize package comprising a netbook, a game console, and $200 shopping certificate.
The two first prize winners, Roland Johnson and Maria Ana Tudela each won a game console and a handheld game system.

Johnson, who also won two sets of Hollywood Theaters gift cards and Mobil Smiles Certificates, has the most number of entries drawn. He credits his wife for his good fortune.

"My wife keeps on purchasing Coca-Cola 12 packs," Johnson said.

Tudela, the erstwhile director of the Upward Bound Program at Northern Marianas College, and mother of three sons ages 18, 15 and 11, and one 3-year-old daughter, said that she accumulated many entry forms, as she bought four 12-can fridge packs of Coca-Cola products every weekend.

"We bought a lot because of the construction at home and the farm. On weekends, we had barbecue and 12 packs," Tudela said.

Lance, her youngest son, has claimed the game console for himself. "He thinks he won it. He enjoys games that his body controls," Tudela said.

She said that she would keep the handheld for herself since her daughter is still too young to play. "I'll hold onto the handheld. I'm planning on purchasing games such as puzzles to invigorate the mind," Tudela said.

In addition to giving away electronic devices, Coca-Cola also raffled off 25 major prizes including five gift certificates to Saipan World Resort and 20 combined Hollywood Theaters Gift Cards each with a $50 load that can be used for movie tickets or food and beverage, and Mobil Smiles Letters for $52 gas.

The winners of the Saipan World Resort gift certificates are Ana Flores of San Vicente; Tito M. Batino, China Town; Ernest O. Romolor, Garapan; Takakazu Tanzawa, Navy Hill; and Remy Amor.

Hollywood Theaters Gift Cards and Mobil Smiles Letters winners include Ray Pangelinan, Marcy Capulor, Jocelyn Tudela, Ana S. Castro, Matty Alicante Orcasitas, Roland Johnson, Dr. Fred Gogar, Steven Metayer, Santos Kevin, Maria Arlene Q. Romaguera, Joseph D. Sablan, Jr., Regina J. Caintoy, Rosemarie C. Schweiger, Julieta Sujulga, Ramona N.C. Peter, Paul Kanrow, Noel Baitlon, Margaret R. Tenorio, and Henry P. Kaipat.

Marcos W. Fong, CEO, Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Micronesia), Inc. says Coca-Cola and the holidays are synonymous with bringing good cheer.

"It's been a Coca-Cola tradition to spread happiness and goodwill during the holidays and throughout the year. Holding a promotion to give away valuable prizes around the holidays is one of the ways we keep the Coca-Cola credo of 'Open Happiness.' This is also Coca-Cola's way of saying 'thank you' to our consumers for 126 years of Happiness," Fong said.

GAMING GIZMOS GALORE. First prize winners Roland Johnson (left) and Maria Ana Tudela together with her son, Lance Tudela received their game console and handheld game system from Gerry Hemley, sales supervisor, Coca-Cola Beverage Co. (Micronesia), Inc.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER. Gerry Hemley handed over to Joseph Garcia a netizen worthy prize package that includes a tablet computer, a handheld game system, an e-reader, $500 in shopping certificates and an android phone.

DOCOMO ANDROID. James Nelson, general manager, Docomo Pacific, awarded grand prize winner, Joseph Garcia a Samsung Infuse with a SIM Kit plus $50 load to complete his winnings.

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